Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Reward Money?
Reward Money is the credits or cash rewards earned through referrals. You earn Reward Money each time a referral shops at PipingRock. Learn more about how to earn.
Can I use my Reward Money to shop at
Yes, you can! When logged in to, your Reward Money will automatically be applied during checkout.
Is there a maximum limit to my Rewards?
Your Rewards potential is endless and there is no maximum limit! Please note that after 180 days, Available Reward Money becomes Online Use only and can only be used to shop at
Does PipingRock Reward Money expire?
Our Reward Money never expires! However, 180 days after rewards have become "Available" in your account, they become Online Use Only and can only be used to shop at If you have $300 or more in Available Reward Money, you can cash out.
Can I use my own rewards code?
No, customers are not allowed to use their own code for purchases.
Can different people from the same house address be part of the PipingRock Rewards Program?
No, the PipingRock Rewards Program is limited to one account per customer and house address. PipingRock reserves the right to close any accounts without notice if it is discovered that a member has multiple accounts.
Can my rewards account be cancelled or closed?
Yes, you can close your account at any time by contacting our PipingRock Rewards team at Additionally, PipingRock reserves the right to cancel and close any account at any time and at our sole discretion according to Terms of Use.

Sharing My Rewards Code

How do I get my Rewards code?
You can see your rewards code by Signing In. Your rewards code is displayed at the top of the page. Please note that you must first have placed an order on in order to sign in and access the PipingRock Rewards program.
How do I share my Rewards code?
1) Send others a link with your rewards code.
  1. This is the best way to share as your rewards code will be applied automatically during checkout when they click your link! You can create custom links using our Make Your Own Link Tool.
2) Share a custom shopping cart.
  1. Create your own shopping cart on and share it through a link. When referrals click the link, your cart products and code will be applied automatically. Please note you must be signed in when creating the cart to earn Reward Money. Learn more about how to make a Share A Cart link.
2) Send others your 6 digit rewards code.
  1. You can also send others your 6 digit rewards code. Referrals must enter the code during checkout.
Where can I share my Rewards code?
There are many places to share your rewards code with friends, family and followers. We recommend sharing over email, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogs, forums, and other social media and video sites.
No. PipingRock Rewards Codes are not for commercial purposes, and therefore you are not permitted to participate in commercial advertising campaigns using your Rewards code.

Getting And Using Your Rewards

How Do I Cash Out?
You can cash out by signing in and going to Get My Rewards. Please remember that you must have $300.00 or more in Reward Money to cash out through a check or wire transfer. All Reward Money balances below $300.00 are rolled over to the next month.
In what ways can I cash out my Rewards?
You have two options when cashing out your rewards: check or wire transfer. You can submit your request for payment at the end of each month on the Get My Rewards Page. Please make sure that your address for check requests and information for wire transfers are up to date.

Please note that requested rewards are processed and sent out at the end of the month from which they were requested. Therefore, in order to receive your rewards for a certain month, please send in your request no later than 5 business days before the end of that month.

Refer to the following charts for the most up-to-date information regarding details for international and domestic payment options:

Payments via Check:
  Domestic International
Delivery Time 5-9 business days 7-12 business days
Delivery Method Mailed via UPS or USPS Mailed via DHL Express
Processing Fee $0 $25
Payments via Wire Transfer:
  Domestic International
Delivery Time 1-7 business days 1-9 business days
Delivery Method Sent to your bank account Sent to your bank account
Processing Fee $10 $10
What does it mean when I have an "Action Needed" notification?
You will receive this notice in the event you try to cash out more than $600 in Reward Money in one year. We are required to collect your tax information and will not be able to process your cash out until we receive the appropriate form below.

Any United States citizen or resident who is a member of our Rewards Program will need to fill out a W-9 form; any person who is not a citizen, but owns a taxable business within the United States will need to fill out a W-8ECI form. These will be mailed to:

PipingRock Health Products
ATTN: Accounting Department
2120 Smithtown Avenue
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-7347

Please note that this information is used for IRS purposes only, and that PipingRock will never share your information with any third party for purposes outside identity confirmation.

If you are neither a citizen of the United States nor own a taxable business within the U.S., you are exempt from filling out these forms. If this applies to you, please contact our rewards team at and we will remove the limit from your account.

I can’t Cash Out or use my Reward Money to shop on
In order to use your Reward Money, you must accept our Terms and Conditions. Please also check that your Reward Money has moved from Pending to Available. You must wait 30 days for Pending Reward Money to become Available for use.
What is the wait time before my Rewards go from "Pending" to "Available"?
Your rewards will become "Available" 30 days after the purchase date from which they were earned. The reason for the delay is to account for any returns, changed orders or any other event which would affect your rewards earnings.

More Information On Referrals Using Your Code

Can referrals edit Rewards Codes before placing an order?
Yes, referrals can do so through one of two options:

(1) During checkout, referrals will see a box to enter in a Rewards Code. If they want to change the code, they can enter in a different code.

(2) Before starting the checkout process, referrals can visit through a Rewards Code URL that is different than the first one they came in on. This will automatically replace the Rewards Code during checkout with the new one.

Can referrals use multiple Rewards codes on one order?
No, the PipingRock Rewards Program only allows for one Rewards Code to be used per order.
Are reward codes saved for referrals when they purchase again?
Yes and we've automated this process for you! New customer and New Product referrals save the code used so when referrals purchase again, your code will be automatically applied.
If a new customer uses my Rewards Code to browse, but does not make a purchase on their first visit, will I still receive my Rewards the next time they visit and make a purchase?
Yes, as long as the customer does not manually enter in a different Rewards Code or come in on a different Rewards Code URL the next time they visit, you will still receive credit for their purchase.